PK-12 Education

Pre-K to 12 Education
Elementary and secondary school teachers can apply a wealth of psychological research in their classrooms. Psychology's insights can help teachers manage behavior problems, motivate students, assist struggling learners, handle stress, support gifted and talented youth, and more. APA also supports the teaching of high school psychology.

Topics in Elementary and Secondary Education

Classroom Behavior

Disruptions such as bullying and violence against teachers can make it difficult to teach effectively. Psychological science and research can provide solutions for schools and teachers to promote a positive atmosphere.

Curricular Materials

From kindergarten through high school, whether you’re a math, science, social studies or English teacher, these resources can help you apply research on teaching and learning; find exciting lessons and activities; and stimulate interest and increase achievement.

Diversity Issues

Findings from psychological science can support and advance issues of diversity and help create safe and supportive school environments for all students.

Gifted & Talented Education

Enhance the achievement and performance of children and adolescents with special gifts and talents, whether it's in psychology, music or basketball.

Math & Science Education

Psychological research sheds light on how brains process math and science, achievement gaps and how students learn, but psychology itself is also a scientific discipline.

Science Fairs, Clubs and Student Research

Participating in a school psychology club or creating experiments for a science fair can nurture an interest in psychological science and cultivate an understanding of behavior's role in health, policy and more.

Student Learning

How students learn and how they apply what they learn are goals every teacher should implement in their classrooms. One of the first steps towards that goal is understanding what the student already knows and using that knowledge to structure their development.