Blueprint for Change: Achieving Integrated Health Care for an Aging Population Project

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The purpose of the blueprint is to examine and make recommendations for how psychologists can work with other health care professionals, individuals and families to ensure appropriate, effective and integrated health care for the increasing number of older adults. Although the blueprint was designed for psychologists in practice, training, research and policy, it is also useful for other health care providers who work with older adults.

Download the full report (PDF, 2.44MB)

Learning Objectives
  1. Comprehend older adult perspectives on the current health care system and its impact on them.
  2. Assess and recognize the need for an integrated approach to health care for older adults.
  3. Identify the unique roles of psychologists in implementing and evaluating an integrated model of health care to best serve an increasingly diverse and numerous aged population.
  4. Demonstrate the benefits of an integrated model to professionals within and outside of psychology.
  5. Advocate for integrated health care as necessary for all older adults.
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