Psychopharmacology is a proficiency in professional psychology that involves the application of psychopharmacological principles, scientific data and clinical practices to individual psychopathology and problems across a range of populations. It uniquely blends the scientific study of behavior, its biological basis and the interaction of medication with the latter to produce acute and long term therapeutic changes in normal and abnormal functioning. 

Specialized Knowledge

  • Domains of basic science and neurosciences 

  • Psychopathology 

  • Physical assessment and laboratory examinations 

  • Clinical medicine and pathophysiology 

  • Clinical and research pharmacology and psychopharmacology 

  • Clinical pharmacotherapuetics 

  • Psychopharmacological research

Skills and Procedures Utilized 

  • The potential beneficial and adverse effects of pharmacotherapuetic agents as they are prescribed for persons representing the range of individual characteristics and cognitive and emotional conditions 

  • Diagnostic and treatment skills as applied to the selective use of psychopharmatherapeutics and their use in combination with the range of psychological assessment protocol and  psychotherapies