This guide has been designed to help you prepare for your presentation. Below are some guidelines, tips and advice to follow in preparation for a successful presentation at the 2015 APA Annual Convention. You can also download a copy of these presentation guidelines (PDF, 808KB).

The presentation you are about to give may be recorded, including video, audio, photographs and whatever you show on the projection screen. To ensure we obtain the best footage and create a top-quality product, there are a several guidelines we ask you to follow prior to and throughout your presentation. This document also contains advice on how to use the 2015 APA Annual Convention PowerPoint template (PPT, 432KB).

The PowerPoint template should be used in conjunction with this guide when developing your presentation.

General Advice

  • Do not use copyrighted materials. This includes unpublished results or any other material you are not comfortable sharing publicly.

  • Please use the 2015 APA Annual Convention PowerPoint template when developing your presentation.

  • Prior to your presentation, check to ensure you are using 4:3 slide formats. The projectors are formatted for 4:3 slides. If you use 16:9 formats, the slides will not look as good in the room or online.

  • Use the provided house microphone or and/or a wireless lapel microphone.

  • Remember to make direct eye contact with the audience. This makes for a very engaging presentation for your audience.

  • Repeat audience questions prior to answering.

Making Your Presentation Accessible

Every presentation should be designed and conducted with the full participation of all APA members and student affiliates in mind. All presenters should review APA's Guidelines for APA Conference Speakers to make all programming accessible to their respective audiences.

If you require a ramp/lift to a stage/riser at your presentation, please send an email with session details to the APA Convention Office by June 15, 2015.

Poster Instructions

If your paper has been scheduled in a poster session during convention, you may want to consult APA's Instructions for Poster Presentations (PDF, 1.6MB) for requirements and helpful guidelines.

Media Coverage for 2015 Convention

Media coverage of the convention depends upon the availability of papers. We will be accepting papers by email, on a flash drive, or on a disc.

To meet media demand, please email your convention paper(s) or send on a disc or flash drive no later than July 15 to:

Public Affairs Office   
American Psychological Association 
750 First Street, NE 
Washington, DC  20002-4242 
(202) 336-5700

The top page should list your name, affiliation, address, business phone, email, and title of paper. Please add “Presented at 123rd Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association at Toronto, Canada, Aug. 6-9, 2015”, and note day and time of presentation.  Papers completed after July 15 can still be emailed to us. Otherwise, please bring a copy to the APA Press Room at the convention on a disc or flash drive at least 24 hours before presentation.  

Note:  All papers, and their specific findings, are embargoed for release to the media.