Getting Involved in Nominations and Elections for Early Career Psychologists

As an early career psychologist, you have much to offer APA governance. Your perspective, energy, expertise and leadership ability are all valuable and necessary contributions. The Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) would like to encourage and help you get involved in APA leadership and service. Psychology is such a broad, diverse field and APA can be a complex organization to understand. CECP hopes that the resources listed below will make the process of getting involved less complicated. CECP applauds your decision to contribute your time and energy to help shape the field of psychology through leadership in APA.

Part I: Nomination
1. A practical how-to guide to the nomination process: Tips for Nomination to APA Boards & Committees
2. A Monitor® article, with interviews from early career psychologist in APA governance: What Can APA Governance Do For You? 
3. An overview of the election process and APA boards and committees: Get Your Voice Heard: Play a Part, Get Elected
4. A reference guide including a description and mission statements of each APA board and committee, a list of the APA Council of Representatives, organizational charts and other useful information: Making APA Work for You (PDF, 2.8MB)
Part II: Election
1. A practical how-to guide to the election process: Tips for Election to APA Boards & Committees
2. Description of the 12 APA caucuses and how to solicit caucus endorsement: Caucus Endorsement Information (PDF, 165KB)