Management Philosophy Statement

Excellence in products and services to APA's members and customers is the top priority for the APA Central Office. APA believes that high-quality production and service from its staff is facilitated by a healthy workplace. A work environment that is flexible, encourages open communication, prizes fairness, recognizes good work performance and respects the differences and rights of individuals optimizes APA staff's health and performance. Motivation to achieve excellence is maximized when staff is treated with decency, trust and respect.

Excellence in Performance—APA has a passion for pursuing its mission to advance psychology as a science and profession and as a means of promoting health, education and human welfare. This passion is demonstrated by employees' persistence, patience and commitment to advancing the field of psychology. APA managers provide support to staff by setting goals, benchmarks and timetables for products and services, and encourage staff to take responsibility for the integrity of the products and services.

Excellence in Customer Service—APA has a strong belief in people and a respect for relationships, both internal and external. To meet customer expectations, APA managers provide staff with effective systems and up-to-date information, and they demonstrate a caring attitude toward internal and external customers.

To achieve excellence in performance and customer service goals, APA believes that management of staff is an interactive process that is most effective when it is based on shared values and expectations.