Campaign to Transform the Future

APF announces campaign to raise at least $6.5 million to support promising young psychologists

Preventing violence. Linking behavior to health. Stopping stigma and prejudice. Donors are uniting to ensure that psychology's unique problem-solving perspective will combat these and other societal problems with APF's Campaign to Transform the Future.

With a goal of at least $6.5 million, the foundation seeks to increase its capacity to make grants that give students and early career psychologists to get the support they need to work on these cutting-edge issues and to launch their careers. 

Funding is scarce, particularly for those innovative projects that major funding agencies do not support. Currently, APF is only able to fund 9 percent of the applications it receives — applications from talented graduate students and early career psychologists who are trying to make a difference. The success of this campaign will mean that APF can:

Fund insights that will lead to important societal and behavioral change. Increase support for outstanding graduate students who can no longer rely on state, national or university scholarships and aid. Make grants to early career psychologists for innovative pilot projects that would otherwise never get launched. Expand and deepen the knowledge base with the best and brightest psychologists. Contact APF to learn how you can help transform the future.

For more information about the campaign and its lead donors — David and Mrs. Beverly Barlow and W. Bruce and Mrs. Jane Walsh — see the Monitor article “Transforming psychology, one grant at a time.”

Watch Judy Kuriansky’s, PhD, video about APF filmed at APA’s 2013 convention in Honolulu.

APF’s Campaign Leadership Cabinet
  • Chair: David H. Barlow, PhD
  • Charles L. Brewer, PhD
  • Dorothy W. Cantor, PsyD
  • Florence L. Denmark, PhD
  • Linda Forrest, PhD
  • Kurt F. Geisinger, PhD
  • Philip G. Levendusky, PhD
  • Terence M. Keane, PhD
  • Peter E. Nathan, PhD
  • Aurelio Prifitera, PhD
  • Ron Rozensky, PhD
  • W. Bruce Walsh, PhD