APA presents testimony on American Indian mascots

PI-GRO worked with Dr. Stephanie Fryberg in preparation for her May 5, 2011 testimony before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee oversight hearing entitled "Stolen Identities: The Impact of Racist Stereotypes on Indigenous People.” 

Stephanie Fryberg, PhD with other members of the panel

Stephanie Fryberg, PhD, second from left, with other members of the panel
Photo credit: Lloyd Wolf

The hearing explored the depictions of Native peoples in American society and the effect they have on these communities and the American public, in general.  In her testimony, Dr. Fryberg, a member of Tulalip Tribes in Washington state and an associate professor of Social and Cultural Psychology at the University of Arizona, provided a brief overview of the empirical research on the psychological consequences of using American Indian mascots which include: negative psychological effects for American Indians; positive psychological consequences for European Americans; and negative effects on race relations in the United States.  Dr. Fryberg, a researcher dedicated to alleviating education disparities for American Indian and low-income children, has conducted numerous studies and has published articles on the psychological ramifications of using American Indian mascots.