Agenda Planning Group

The Agenda Planning Group shall have general oversight for the consolidated board and committee meetings and for the referral of agenda items. Following the submission of a new item, the Agenda Planning Group shall consider if there is any overlap between the item and any ongoing work within APA and the degree to which it aligns with the strategic plan before assigning a complete routing path for the item. This routing will include, minimally, a specification of all required consultations that must be obtained on the item as well as the final authority for action on the item. The APG may also specify any groups to be specifically informed about the item. The routing path may include the Board of Directors, Council of Representatives, APA boards or committees and staff. 

APG recommendations are made to the Council of Representatives (through the Council Leadership Team), and to the Board of Directors (through the president.) The Agenda Planning Group shall report to the Council of Representatives through the Board of Directors. 

Staff Liaison

Maureen O'Brien (email)


  • Chair: Barry S. Anton, PhD (2015)
  • Emily Voelkel, PhD (1/1/2015-8/2015)

  • Christine Jehu, MS (8/2015-12/31/2015)

  • M. Dolores Cimini, PhD (2015)

  • Tammy Hughes, PhD (2015)

  • Patricia Arredondo, EdD (2015)

  • Frank C. Worrell, PhD (2015)

  • Monica Kurylo, PhD (2015)

  • Jean Lau Chin, EdD (2015)

  • Fred Rotgers, PsyD, ABPP (2015)

  • Michele Galietta, PhD (2015)

  • Jean Carter, PhD (2015)

  • Kristi Sands Van Sickle, PsyD (2015)