Division Benefits to Graduate Students

While APA can seem big at times, getting involved in the American Psychology Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) and a division or two will begin to make the professional world of psychology seem like a smaller place, where people know you and want to see you flourish.

In 2013, more than 18 divisions offered students membership for $5 or less.

Typical division membership benefits include:

What Our Students Have to Say

Alana Russaw, MPH, MA Alana Russaw, MPH, MA
I love that the listserv is able to be viewed and commented on by professionals and students alike. I really find myself feeling at home as I read the comments and respond back to others. Division participation normalizes issues we face as psychology graduate students and future psychologists.





David Eddie, MS David Eddie, MS
Being involved in Div. 50 has made me a known entity to many of the major players in my field. I'll be in much better stead when entering the job market because of the relationships I'm developing now through my participation in the division.





Chris King Chris King, BS
My student membership to Div. 41 ($15) has afforded me numerous benefits, including free access to the journal and newsletter, receipt of a conference travel award and research grant, reduced conference registration fees.