Best Intervention Competition (Work, Stress and Health Conference)


In keeping with our conference theme of “protecting and promoting Total Worker Health,” we are especially interested in submissions describing research to practice translation efforts. These may include workplace programs, policies, practices, case experiences, or other efforts to prevent stress in today's increasingly complex global economy.

The purpose of the Best Intervention Competition is to recognize outstanding evaluations of interventions in which researchers partner with industry and labor to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses and promote workplace safety and health.

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The intervention evaluated should be from a program, study, or other activity relevant to Occupational Health Psychology and may range in complexity from a simple change in work organization at a single worksite to:

1) a comprehensive re-organization of the work processes,

2) a program of OSH training, or

3) policies or regulations applied throughout a corporation, industry, state, or nation, such as an OSHA standard.

Please refer to the conference topic list to see the full range of eligible Occupational Health Psychology topics.

Award Presentation

Prior to the conference, three competition finalists will be identified; one of the three papers will be selected as the competition winner. All three finalists will be honored during an awards presentation at the conference, and each finalist will present his or her work in a topically-appropriate conference session.

Please note: The Best Intervention Competition reserves the right to withhold this award based on minimal standards of sound scientific method in the evaluation of an intervention.

All competition participants are encouraged to submit their papers to the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. Submissions to JOHP are separate from this competition and will undergo the normal journal review.

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Best Intervention Competition

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