Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD

Executive Director of APA's Public Interest Directorate

Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD: Executive Director of APA's Public Interest DirectorateAs executive director of the American Psychological Association's Public Interest Directorate, Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD, oversees and implements policy and program development in all matters related to public interest issues in psychology. Under her leadership, the directorate applies the science and practice of psychology to the fundamental problems of human welfare and promotes equal and just treatment for all segments of society through education, training and public policy.

Keita oversees initiatives addressing diversity, including culture, class, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability, as well as a major focus on health, including health disparities; socioeconomic status; HIV/AIDS; end of life; violence prevention; and work, stress and health.

Prior to this appointment, Keita served as associate executive director of the Public Interest Directorate and director of the Women's Programs Office.

Keita was instrumental in developing the field of occupational health psychology. She has convened eight international, interdisciplinary conferences on work, stress and health, and has co-authored several books and journal articles on the subject. Keita has also convened three major interdisciplinary conferences on psychosocial and behavioral factors in women's health.


Keita is co-author of "Health Care and Women: Psychological, Social and Behavioral Influences." In addition to convening the APA Summit on Women in Depression in 2000, she co-edited several associated publications. These include a special edition of the Journal of Affective Disorders as well as special sections of the Psychology of Women Quarterly and Professional Psychology: Research and Practice®.

Additional co-authored publications include "Women and Depression: Risk Factors and Treatment Issues" and "No Safe Haven: Male Violence Against Women at Home, at Work and in the Community." She has authored or co-authored numerous other publications and presentations on women, particularly African-American women, women's health and mental health, depression, intimate violence and occupational stress and health.


Keita is an APA Fellow of Div. 35, Div. 38 and Div. 45 and is a licensed psychologist in Washington, D.C.


Keita received her doctorate in social psychology from Howard University.